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Capturing the Essence of Hospitality

Doozy Crew's talent lies in their ability to capture the intricate details and heartfelt essence of each location they showcase. Their work transcends state lines, allowing Marriott and other hospitality venues to share their unique offerings with a wider audience. For Doozy Crew, it's been a privilege to expand their creative horizons and share the beauty and hospitality of these destinations with the world.

What began as a personal production at a Marriott site blossomed into an enduring relationship spanning over 8 years, as Doozy Crew's captivating video work caught the resort's attention. Marriott has continuously enlisted Doozy Crew's expertise to showcase various amenities, from prestigious restaurants to family entertainment and picturesque landscapes, reflecting the resort's commitment to enhancing guest experiences.

In 2019, Doozy Crew embarked on a project to create a teaser for Marriott's expansion, highlighting the upcoming enhancements to the resort's facilities. Upon completion, Doozy Crew returned to spotlight features like 10K Alley, an arcade and restaurant tailored for families. These videos, born from a fruitful collaboration, have not only delighted Marriott guests but also garnered attention from other hotels and resorts, including JW Marco, Myrtle Beach Marriott, Sheraton NY Times Square, Sheraton Boston, and Hilton Head Marriott.

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