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Doozy Crew's Dynamic Motion Graphics for the Detroit Pistons

Doozy Crew's Dynamic Motion Graphics for the Detroit Pistons

For the past three years, Doozy Crew has forged a dynamic partnership with the Detroit Pistons, infusing Little Caesars Arena with captivating motion graphic elements that amplify the energy and intensity of NBA games. In the heart of the action, these motion graphics serve as a vibrant tapestry, enriching the experience for both players and fans alike.

Little Caesars Arena radiates with excitement, thanks in part to its arsenal of 45 Daktronics LED displays strategically positioned throughout the venue. Each screen boasts its own specific aspect ratio, frame rate, and placement within the arena, collectively transforming the space from a mere venue into a vibrant, high-intensity atmosphere that fans crave.

Guided by the Detroit Pistons style guide, Doozy Crew meticulously crafts graphic packages that seamlessly span across every LED screen in the arena. From the electrifying player intro transitions to the dynamic in-game graphics and the engaging fan-focused fun cams, Doozy Crew's creations weave a narrative that enhances the spectacle of each game.

The animators at Doozy Crew harness the power of Adobe After Effects and essential plugins to revolutionize motion graphic animation in the realm of live sports entertainment. With a meticulous approach, they start their design process by focusing on the main center-hung screen before adapting the final concept to suit the various Daktronic screens dispersed throughout the arena. Among the arsenal of tools at their disposal, Doozy Crew frequently employs Trapcode Particular to infuse their work with distinctive backgrounds and effects tailored for the dynamic environment of live action games. 

Navigating the intricacies of each screen's unique specifications presents an exciting challenge for Doozy Crew. They design each animation to operate seamlessly on individual screens while maintaining a cohesive feel across the entirety of the arena. Over the course of three seasons, Doozy Crew has created over 70 unique visual packs with over 500 video renders. Each render has its own unique set of parameters including scale, aspect ratio, and resolution to fit its corresponding display screen. While some of the screens require simplified designs, many others offer more dynamic formatting that allow Doozy Crew to unleash their creativity and develop graphics that move and evolve throughout the arena. One fan favorite each season is the Swag Cam, unique to the Detroit Pistons, Doozy Crew had the opportunity to animate something that is flashy and fun reflecting the personality of the fanbase.

Molly Radigan, the Director of Animation at Doozy Crew, says this opportunity is a dream come true. 

“Working with the Detroit Pistons has been such an amazing experience. I absolutely love harnessing the energy of NBA games and transforming it within my work. As someone who grew up playing basketball, being able to contribute to the game day experience in such a unique way is a dream come true. Now, attending live sporting events holds an even greater sense of magic, knowing the behind-the-scenes intricacies that bring the arena to life.”


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