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Doozy Crew's 14-Year Collaborative Alliance

But the collaboration doesn't stop there. YKKAP and Doozy Crew take their engagement a step further by incorporating live performances and activations at the conference, immersing attendees in an interactive experience that reflects the theme of each year's video. These on-site engagements not only enhance brand visibility but also foster meaningful connections with architects and industry professionals on the show floor.

What sets this partnership apart is YKKAP's unwavering trust in Doozy Crew's ability to bring their vision to life, year after year. With each new project, Doozy Crew rises to the occasion, delivering innovative concepts and high-quality productions that captivate audiences and elevate the YKKAP brand.

From Raps to Revolutions: YKKAP and Doozy Crew's 14-Year Creative Alliance

For over 14 years, YKKAP and Doozy Crew have forged a dynamic partnership centered on innovation, creativity, and a shared commitment to engaging storytelling. From the beginning of their collaboration, both entities have continuously pushed the boundaries of conventional marketing, setting new standards for industry engagement and brand promotion.

In the early days of their partnership, YKKAP and Doozy Crew embarked on a bold journey, leveraging the power of music and humor to showcase architecture and YKKAP's products in a refreshingly entertaining way. Fun raps became their signature, captivating audiences and setting them apart from competitors in the industry. This innovative approach laid the foundation for their enduring success and paved the way for their acclaimed series, "I Am an Architect," a thematic exploration that resonated with viewers across multiple years.

Year after year, YKKAP entrusts Doozy Crew with the task of creating fresh, engaging videos to premiere at the prestigious American Institute of Architects Conference. These videos serve as a testament to the ongoing creativity and ingenuity of the partnership, capturing the essence of architectural innovation while showcasing YKKAP's cutting-edge products in captivating ways.


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